Since 2006, Joël Thompson has used his experience from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, CIGNA, Reliance National, and St Paul Re to the benefit of his clients. Being an independent reinsurance intermediary, he is able to leverage his reinsurance underwriting skills and relationships with reinsurers around the world to structure the best possible transactions for his clients.

As a former underwriter and business division manager, Joël builds upon his underwriting and operational skills to offer clients management consulting, underwriting expertise and product development perspective. He has written and implemented successful and profitable new business plans at both major corporations such as St Paul Re and as an independent organization, and participated and led due diligence efforts across the insurance, reinsurance and services sectors.

Joël is a graduate of Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, and has a Masters in International Business Studies from The University of South Carolina. He has earned his Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation (CEBS).

In his free time, Joël enjoys reading, television, travel and his family. His wife shares his travel passion and an unconditional love for the family’s Golden Retrievers. Joël’s other passion is his 2CV Citroen from 1976, which was restored and imported from France. He’s happiest in the summer driving with the open top and participating in car shows.

Auclair was the family name of the Joël’s maternal grandfather, Georges Auclair, and it is in his honor that Joël named the company. His grandfather always encouraged Joël to think of an entrepreneurial, transnational career. It was this inspiration, with the support of his wife and family, that has led to the success of AuclairRe.

Joël’s vintage 2CV Citroen
Joël’s vintage 2CV Citroen