Achieving Superior Profit and Capital Management for Global Insurance & Reinsurance Clients.

The AuclairRe Approach

Your client experience at AuclairRe begins with a conversation with our founder, Joël P. A. Thompson, to understand your insurer’s risk needs. AuclairRe then works collaboratively with you to mitigate unwanted risks so that you can focus on your policyholders and profits for your organization.

Where AuclairRe can help you

Reinsurance Services

AuclairRe leverages our long-standing relationships with reinsurers globally to achieve superior reinsurance agreements for our clients.

Management Consulting

AuclairRe analyzes your company looking at management, executives, interdepartmental relations, and more. Then we come to you with an analysis of the way forward.


AuclairRe and its partners have performed all types of audits including the successful resolution of large liabilities and retraining of claims departments.

Who We Work With

AuclairRe supports its clients across the insurance spectrum from Life, Accident & Health to Property & Casualty. We support management for performance, business growth, and managing risk. We place an emphasis on clear thinking, technical expertise, and thoroughness.

Health Insurance Companies

How do we manage large catastrophic risks? How do we control the costs of new medical procedures and high-cost specialty drugs?

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Property & Casualty Insurance Companies

We can help today’s P&C insurers face many challenges from the cost of reinsurance, insurtech, catastrophic risk and the daily challenges of managing a business.

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What are the underlying risks of the business we have accepted? Do our partners fully manage and are prepared for the new challenges of the insurance business?

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Life Insurance Companies

How will we sell life insurance to millennials? How will life insurance sales increase profitably? How do we develop and compete in the annuity sector?

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Fraternal insurers provide a successful, stable, member-focused insurance that provides cost-effective products.

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