A client’s corporate strategy is its plan for profitability. AuclairRe has experience helping insurers in transition, buffeted by changing trends, develop and execute their profit plans. AuclairRe has the expertise and experience to uncover improvements in your existing strategy or help you evolve your strategy. We work with you to clearly articulate the way you plan to be profitable, establish your plan’s feasibility with a strong numerical analysis, help you manage the implementation of your plans, and help you manage your relationship with rating agencies. We can even raise venture capital to finance your plan.

Underwriting is still about evaluating a risk and deciding whether you can make money from taking on that risk. Managing your claims is still where the ‘rubber meets the road’ as it is the time your policyholders find out the worth of your promise to them. Shifts in the distribution landscape, advances in technology, evolving regulation, sharper catastrophes, and larger third-party risk, all combine to challenge even the smoothest of operations. AuclairRe combines its expertise with that of your own managers to collaboratively audit your underwriting and claims functions and insightfully map out the profitable way forward.

For example, AuclairRe recently improved the profitability of a family-owned insurance holding company with operations in both Property & Casualty and the Life & Accident and Health sectors of the industry. AuclairRe brought together a multidisciplinary team to collaborate with the insurer’s management to establish competitive underwriting guidelines, create solid models to guide underwriters, resolve inefficiencies in the claims process and help personnel update key skills. In the process, reinsurance expenses decreased and liquidity improved.

Corporate strategy

Corporate Strategy

A good corporate strategy starts with an understanding of the past, a review of trends, and an understanding of the board of directors, the management and the staff’s goals and expectations. Understanding the current status is the key to setting a focus on the future. AuclairRe has supported insurance companies in transition, in crisis and in need of direction.

Business Plan Development

We have written numerous business plans around reinsurance, insurance, and brokerage. Our plans have been used for Medical Stop Loss MGU’s, Reinsurance startups in the Life and Health sectors as well as traditional service businesses in insurance and reinsurance.

New Product Development

What product would be the right fit for your organization? We have helped many companies enter new product areas or led efforts in new product areas from the Life & Accident to the Health sectors. There are a wide range of products available and a new entrant needs to correctly select the ones most compatible with its current product line with less risk of poor outcomes.


Management Consulting: Organizational Design, Improved Processes

What are you or your company struggling with? Profits, product lines, personnel, procedures, rating agencies, capital, reinsurance, marketing? At AuclairRe, we start with an analysis of the area or company by looking at management, executives, interdepartmental relations, numerics, data, departments, historical results, strategic plans, etc., and come to you with an actionable way forward.


AuclairRe along with its partners has performed all types of audits including the successful resolution of large liabilities and retraining of claims departments.