New Product Development


New Product Development

What product would be the right fit for your organization? We have helped many companies enter new product areas and led efforts in new product areas from the Life & Accident to the Health sectors. There is a panoply of products available and a new entrant needs to correctly select the ones most compatible with your current product line with less risk of poor outcomes.

AuclairRe has supported clients with full-service new business development. For example, a full service would include setting up the underwriting functions and procedures, building manuals, hiring staff, identifying vendors, identifying insurers and reinsurers, establishing program manager agreements, reinsurance treaties, policy filings, etc. In other engagements, we have focused on just one aspect such as creating an underwriting manual or placing the reinsurance.

Life A&H Products

  • Accident Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Affinity and Association Insurance Programs
  • Burial Expenses/Final Expenses
  • Catastrophic Reinsurance
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Credit Card Insurance Programs
  • Credit Union Programs
  • Gap Medical Insurance
  • Health-Medical Expenses & Fully Insured Reinsurance
  • HMO Reinsurance and Provider Stop Loss
  • Industrial Aid
  • International Medical
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Group Life, Individual
  • Life and Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Whole Life, Annuities, COLI, BOLI
  • Medical Stop Loss
  • Occupational Accident
  • Pandemic Reinsurance
  • Prescription Drug Stop Loss
  • Student Health and Accident Insurance
  • Texas Opt Out Programs
  • Travel Accident Insurance