Managing Risk

The management of risk is a core competency of insurance firms.

Mitigating "bad" risk

Prudently taking on "good" risk

Sustainable value for our clients, policyholders and investors

AuclairRe helps clients identify, evaluate and prioritize risk. We design coverage and organize actions to fund or mitigate unwanted risk and have the expertise to craft internal or external solutions for your operations or seek advantage in alternative markets. While there are tangible benefits to the use of captives and other alternatives, there are also hidden costs. We help our clients navigate such costs with insightful advice and effective coordination of the logistics associated with the use of the alternative markets.

Large insurers are increasingly relying on data analysis to establish sophisticated pricing algorithms to support aggressive competitive practices. Smaller insurers simply cannot afford the resources to engage in such data analysis, yet they cannot afford to ignore the insights they can gain from analyzing their own data. AuclairRe has access to the expertise necessary to analyze a client’s data, can augment that analysis with publicly available information, and therefore help the client understand how risk profiles are likely to evolve in the near future. Such understanding allows clients to plan for emerging risks and make the best decisions for the management of unfolding risks.

For example, AuclairRe recently commissioned the creation of a new typhoon model for a client. Available models were dated and archaic. This new model used new and focused data around the client experience. It allowed for a wiser selection of aggregate reinsurance purchasing as well as risk mitigation on high-velocity risk.

In another example, AuclairRe reviewed the selection of Facultative reinsurers and policy wording. Use of weak reinsurers and poor wording had allowed the client to increase its risk by underwriting product lines it had little knowledge in. The Facultative reinsurers suffered from poor ratings and weak wording that might allow them to not pay claims when the client needed them most. The book of business was cleaned up and new standards were set for wording and choice of reinsurers in the future.


Reinsurance Services

What will your reinsurance decision look like a year, three years or five years from now? How much money is reinsurance costing your budget? How much of a catastrophic claim can you afford to pay out of premium collected, out of capital? Are you seeking to enter a new market? Do you need support for a large transaction?

Captive & Alternative Risk Transactions

Instead of buying reinsurance, can I create a structure to purchase the protection for a given risk from my own reinsurance company? How can I build a platform or structure to send risk from my operations while still benefiting from the profits of the risk premium?


Insurance and reinsurance create a lot of data. Some firms don’t have time, systems or experience in analyzing this data. AuclairRe has helped its clients look at data and decide what should be analyzed and extracted from databases.