AuclairRe and its partners have performed all types of audits including the successful resolution of large liabilities and retraining of claims departments.

Underwriting audits cover a wide range of investigations:

  • Individual case underwriting against industry norms
  • Underwriting audits against corporate norms
  • Underwriting audits against managing general agent or underwriter guidelines
  • Audits to seek out fraud and mismanagement
  • Financial audit reviews by product, department, and/or underwriter
  • Production audits
  • Actuarial or rate measurement audits

Claims audits cover a wide range of investigations:

  • Pure claim audit of a sample of claims paid against norms
  • Focused audit on individual product lines, adjudicators, problem claim issues, new regulations, etc.
  • Audit of claims department staffing
  • Audit of claims department and system
  • Audit of system
  • Audit of regulatory requirements of claims operations
  • Audit of claims department as a department within the company and successful or unsuccessful interdepartmental communications
  • Audit of reinsurance claim reporting requests
  • Retraining of claims staff due to audit discoveries