Reinsurance Services


Reinsurance Services

What will your reinsurance decision look like a year, three years or five years from now? How much money is reinsurance costing your budget? How much of a catastrophic claim can you afford to pay out of premium collected, out of capital? Are you seeking to enter a new market? Do you need support for a large transaction?

AuclairRe is particularly aware of the liquidity and capitalization challenges facing insurance organizations. With this understanding in mind, AuclairRe is motivated by two key concerns.

Concern #1
To structure a reinsurance program for each client with the best cost-quality fit for the client’s particular needs.

Concern #2
To place this reinsurance program in the most cost-effective way for the long term.



We leverage our long-standing relationships with reinsurers globally to achieve superior reinsurance agreements for our clients.

We know the evolving reinsurance market, understand what alternatives exist, and which reinsurers offer them.


AuclairRe places coverage across the reinsurance spectrum from Treaty to Facultative, for both Property & Casualty and Life Accident & Health insurers. In addition to coverage placement, AuclairRe offers the expertise to identify the impact of the different program structures (such as quota share, excess of loss, loss portfolio transfers, runout transactions) on the client’s capital, liquidity and profitability, both in the short term and in the long term.

For example, AuclairRe recently reduced reinsurance costs and improved reinsurance coverage for the insurance subsidiary of a diversified family-owned business outside the United States. AuclairRe was able to show that the insurer’s claims were highly sensitive to weather patterns in the region, while the revenue of its parent was not. AuclairRe structured inter-company capital transfers indexed to the expected weather cycles of the region in conjunction with an excess of loss reinsurance coverage.

Reinsurance Transactions

This selection of successfully completed transactions illustrates the scope of services and expertise that AuclairRe offers to clients:

Traditional Reinsurance

  • Property & Casualty Quota Share
  • Per Risk, Cat and Casualty Treaties
  • Life and Health Quota Share Treaties
  • Health Insurance Excess of Loss
  • Workers Compensation Catastrophic Program
  • Personal Accident Catastrophic Program

Financial Reinsurance

  • Life Insurance Surplus Relief


  • Reinsurance Company Retrocessions
  • Personal Accident

Loss Portfolio Transactions-Closed Block Transfers

  • Life Reinsurance
  • Workers Compensation Catastrophic
  • Annuities

Program Management

  • Property & Casualty
  • Medical Stop Loss

Captive & Alternative Risk Transactions

  • Consulting Support
  • Strategic Plan for Captives
  • Claims Audit for Captives
  • Reinsurance Structures for Captives