Advising For Business Growth

How do we grow our business; what products would match our portfolio; how will this impact our capital structure; can we get product support; can we get reinsurance support; what are the risks and opportunities? These and many other questions are part of the strategic support offered by AuclairRe to its clients.

Corporate strategy & Business plan development

A good corporate strategy starts with an understanding of the past, a review of trends and an understanding of the board of directors, the management and the staff’s goals and expectations. Understanding the current status is then key to setting a focus on the future. AuclairRe has supported insurance companies in transition, in crisis and in need of direction.
The founder of AuclairRe has written numerous business plans around reinsurance, insurance and brokerage. He has deep experience writing the plans, developing the numerical analysis, managing the vendors during the process and fund raising for the plan.