Advising For Improved Performance

What are you or your company struggling with? Profits, product lines, personnel, procedures, rating agencies, capital, reinsurance, marketing? We start with an analysis of the area or company looking at management, executives, inter departmental relations, numerics, data, departments, historic results, strategic plans, etc. Then we come to you with an analysis of the way forward. A fresh outside look can offer a company a new way to look at old problems. A fresh look can clear out the cobwebs and set the company on a path to profits. We focus on your strategic goals.

Management Consulting: organizational design, improved processes

We see our role is to help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. We use our experience and skills and the experience and skills of our partners and resources to provide objective advice and expertise, and help an organization develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

Examples of projects we were engaged to accomplish:

  1.  A review of a property & casualty company looking at was reinsurance purchasing effective, was management capable of operating the company, should the company be sold, how could the profit margin be improved, should the managing general agency agreement be revised, and what critical issues lay before the operation to prevent future profits and growth? The project analyzed all aspects using a multidisciplinary team which provided an action plan for the organization.

2. A review of a health insurance operation was undertaken to answer: was the claims function operating above normal standards and how was it and the management of the company working in coordination? The review identified areas of claims errors, areas of claims adjudicator training, areas of systems errors and required upgrades, and areas for improved communication between departments to improve the overall operations.

3. A review of an underwriting unit within an insurance operation was requested. Review included the underwriting procedures, the underwriting notes and files and data collected, models used for rating, components of the underwriting profit and risk margins as well as the results by product line. Underwriting files were reviewed against results and procedures. Management could then implement recommended improvements and have an outside view on their underwriting department.