Rating; ERM & Other Advisory

Rating; ERM & Other Advisory

There are many other areas of technical expertise available to our insurance industry clients. From rating agency advisory, ERM to other technical needs, we have experience and access to independent advisors.

Rating Agency Advisory

Ratings can be a crucial part of a company’s marketing plan and value in the market. Our independent advisors’ are former rating agency employees. They consider the capital, income, and all insurance company implications in supporting rating agency communications.

We work with our clients to thoroughly evaluate the impact and trade-offs between the following:

  • Operations of the insurance company
  • NAIC annual reports
  • Reduction in earnings and/or loss volatility

This is performed in accordance with the company’s strategic plans and corporate goals. We have been successful in assisting many clients obtain targeted ratings, maintain current ratings, achieve rating upgrades and manage overall rating agency relationships. In light of the current environment, most notable is our success rate in dealing with the undercurrent of negative rating pressures. We work with clients so they understand the rating agency criteria and explain the impact of new or modified criteria.