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Treaty and Reinsurance Wording

Treaty and Reinsurance Wording

Our legal colleagues are contract services professionals with extensive years of experience. They have experience in reinsurance contracts, regulatory matters and insurance policies for the 50 states and territories.

With regulatory and legal requirements constantly changing, our lawyers closely monitor regulatory, legislative and judicial developments as well as industry changes to provide clients with critical up-to-date expert advice on legal and treaty wording. They attend NAIC and other conferences to maintain experience and their network of colleagues in the industry.

They work closely with AuclairRe to make sure they are fully aware of changes that impact their business and provide the necessary expertise to draft contracts that accurately and precisely set out client placement terms.

Roles they provide include review of reinsurance contracts, reviews and preparation of insurance policy documents, analysis and recommendations on cases of conflict between insurers and reinsurers and insurers and their clients, and review of standard business agreements used in the relations between insurers, reinsurers and their various vendors.